August 5, 2017

Dear Students, Families, & Faculty,

As required by Tennessee State law, Van Buren County – Board of Education has hired an outside environmental consultant, Alternative Actions, Inc. to review our required Management Plan and update the plan as necessary. This includes conducting the required three-year re-inspection. The Management Plan is available for review in the Administrative Office of the school system.

The original Management Plan was prepared by ATEC Environmental Consultants dated July 8, 1989. Due to the growth of the school, to include additional buildings, a revised replacement plan was prepared by Alternative Actions, Inc. over the past few months which has brought the school up to date with all requirements. All material, friable and non-friable, throughout the school has been sampled and or assumed. Van Buren County Board of Education does not have a health hazard from asbestos building materials. The continued implementation of our asbestos management plan will ensure that a health hazard does not arise in the future.

The Management Plan is available for review by appointment during school hours. Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.


Billie Grissom

Local Education Agency

Designated Person